Italian Murdered in Thailand

Italian Murdered in Thailand. Giuseppe de Stefani, 62, was killed by his girlfriend, Rujira Iemlamai, 38, and her French boyfriend Amuary Rigaud, 33.

The Passport of Giuseppe de Stefani

Giuseppe de StefaniGiuseppe de Stefani was stabbed in the neck by Amuary on Jan 19, 3 days before his 62 birthday. Rujira helped her boyfriend move the body into the trunk of the car. They drove away and bought gas to burn his body. It was a tattoo on a partially burned leg that allowed the police to trace back his identity.Giuseppe de Stefani

Giuseppe De Stefani, was a retired nurse in Chiavenna, Italy and after his Italian wife died from cancer, a few years back. He decided to move to Thailand to be close to his son “Luca” who opened a restaurant in Phichit, that’s where he met that wicked Rujira Iemlamai.

The Killers
The Killers, the wicked Thai Rujira Iemlamai, 38 and her French boyfriend Amuary Rigaud, 33

The wicked Thai woman, Rujira has two children with a Thai husband that she never officially divorced. She was living with Stefani. Last October, Stefani busted Rujira and her french boyfriend Amuary in the bedroom. She moved out to live with Amuary at a house in the area.

The arrest

  Murder reenactment

Same Same But Different

There is no fool like an old fool! But..But..But, She is different! She is good! She is the one for me! She loves me long time! Same Same but Different!

Vidar Petersen, 68 year old Norwegian has gone to the Thai media to appeal for justice after he was deported from Thailand in May 2017 and lost everything. 

His Thai wife and her lover, a police officer, framed him by planting a gun in his car. He was arrested for having a gun without a license. He paid 80,000 baht to another policeman to drop the charges (a common practice in Thailand, called “tea money”) But the charges were never dropped and his case went to the court. He spent over 200,000 baht on a lawyer who was useless and did nothing. He was expelled from Thailand for being dangerous to society in May 2017.

His wife disappeared with the deeds, the vehicles, motorcycles, his son. He lost everything in Thailand. 34 Rai Land, a Mercedes Benz, a Nissan car,  Suzuki motorcycle and all his cash and above all, his son.

Banned from re-entering the country means he has no chance of clearing his name or finding his son. Let’s see what the Free Thai media can do for him!

Be grateful and thankful to your Thai wife and her lover for not killing you!

Beaten and Stabbed to Death

Wachareewan Beeston, 42, with her British husband Ian Beeston, 69. Wachareewan has been charged with orchestrating the murder of her husband, a former design engineer from Dagenham Essex who was found clubbed and stabbed to death at their house in Roi Et province

Ian Beeston, a 69-year-old retired design engineer, was beaten and stabbed to death at his home in a village in the north-eastern Thai province of Roi-Et. His wife Wacheerawan, 42, and her Thai lover, Somchit Janong, 48, were arrested and charged with murder.

The house in Roi Et province Thailand of retired British design engineer Ian Beeston, 69.
Wachareewan Beeston, 42, and her Thai lover Songchit JanonRead, 48

Beeston discovered that his wife of nine years had cashed in all the property he had bought in Thailand at a local bank. Under Thai law, foreigners can’t own property so he had put it in his wife’s name.
He had invested 15 million baht, all his life savings in over an acre of property. Built his house, a guesthouse and a restaurant.

Beaten, Barbecued and fed to the tigers

Toby Charnaud, 41, a wealthy British was beaten to death and then barbecued over charcoal by relatives of his former Thai wife. His body parts were then scattered in a Thai national park for the tigers to eat.

He married Pannada Laoruang, 35, in 1997 whom he met in a Bangkok while on holiday. He sold his Latimer Manor estate in England for £2.5million (109 million baht).
He bought two bars in  Hua Hin to run with his new wife. They had a baby, but he divorced Laoruang after she accumulated gambling debts of 2 million baht.

When he visited her home after she called him to see their five-year-old son, Daniel, three men tried to shoot him , when the weapon backfired. He was clubbed to death with an iron bar by relatives of his ex-wife, Pannada Laoruang. She then helped them burn his body on a charcoal fire, before chopping it up and scattering the charred remains around Kaeng Krajan National Park on the Thai-Burma border.

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