I don’t want your Heaven

Dhammakaya Temple’s abbot, Phra Dhammachayo, will guarantee you a piece of heaven if you send him a check with millions of baht. The more you pay, the bigger that slice of heaven.

Phra Dhammachayo received huge sums from the troubled Klongchan cooperative
Phra Dhammachayo received huge sums from the troubled Klongchan cooperative

That’s an easy heavenly fix, for all the sins I have done. Please “abbot Phra” can you book me that 200 sq meters slice of heaven on the west side. I am paying, your asked heavenly price.

You are still standing until now, but if you get defrocked or busted for your corruption, will I loose my money and my slice of heaven?. I want a heavenly guarantee! No monkey business!

I can’t pay Bt800 million like Supachai Srisupaaksorn who issued 15 Checks with a combined value of more than Bt800 million for Dhammakaya Temple and Phra Dhammachayo. Nearly half of the amount went to Phra Dhammachayo.


I can pay 20 million baht. Can that get me a window on heaven at least, your heavenly slice is so expensive and out of my reach. Please, let me know. So, I can send you a bounced check!

Supachai and several other former executives are now accused of embezzling more than Bt12 billion from the klongchan credit union co-operative. More than 10,000 people have suffered as a result of the embezzlement.

Supachai, You already booked and paid for your slice of heaven. Enjoy your after-life happiness, on 10,000 people’s sufferings!

Any way, they are only after Money in that Monkey business. Not like the other religion that preach killing and beheading Infidels so they go to heaven,  get 72 virgins and rivers of the purest wine that will never give them hangover or headache.

I don’t want your “Bloody Heaven”. I want my hands clean from  any human blood. I want my wine with hangover and headache. I am not a loser like you “Brain washed fools” who are promised virgins in after life if they become martyrs in this life. I enjoy and get my pleasures in this life.

I have no doubt in my mind that promised heaven or paradise is a burning hell for all the hate and killings that you caused in this life. Enjoy your after-life paradise “burning hell”! 

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