High Season in Pattaya – Thailand

It’s high season in Pattaya – Thailand, a lot of girls from Isan move to Pattaya to make that big money in these 3-month and maybe meet a “Stupid Farang that will take care of her, the “Thai boyfriend” and the family. Anyway, that will be destiny.

If you go fishing, make sure to pick up the right girl. These night clubs are dark inside which makes all the girls look fine after a couple of drinks. But if you wake up next day and she is still next to you, don’t be shocked and don’t get crazy. It’s all good, there is always tomorrow. Learn from your mistakes and keep on Fishing. Agogo clubs come very handy in Pattaya! You can see the Naked Bang” before the final deal! to make sure she is in a perfect shape.

Go for that one Pretty girl, not the rest 1000 …..!!!

In Agogo clubs, you can check that Tummy for Botched C-Section scars or Sagging titties!

Is it a dream vacation or a nightmare! Buddha have mercy!

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