Hey Charlie.

Hey Charlie Hebdo, while you are sitting in your fancy air condition office drawing your funny cartoons, mocking Muhammad and Islam. “Je Suis Charlie”

I just want you to think about the Christian minorities who are getting killed and their churches are burned in Niger by the angry Muslim majority because of your cartoons . They are minority, always getting prosecuted and treated like second class citizens. You just created, more living hell for the christian minorities in these Muslim countries. They have no one to go to or save them from those animals. 45 churches, christian school and orphanage were torched over the weekend in Niger’s capital.

  • Maybe France will protect them, but France couldn’t even protect their own citizens in France. 3 Muslims had France under siege. 100,000 French police, military and special forces locked Paris to get 3 scumbags.
  • Maybe France will fly them to France, away from the Muslim majority and kick the French Muslims out of France. “Je Suis What!!!”.

2000 slaughtered by Boko Haram in Nigeria, the whole city was burned to the ground, on the same day of France attacks that killed 17. Did the world even notice that massacre. Where were the world leaders at!. Maybe, Poverty and Color make them invisible. 

Lord have mercy on them. They have nothing, they did nothing. Protect them from evil, protect them from extremist. They only have you. Listen to their cries, save them from evil. Enough Injustice. “Jesus”

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