Hack Attack

Blink Hacker group hacked Thailand police websites, including the metropolitan police, on Monday night, with messages demanding justice. The hacked websites showed that image.Thai-Police

The hacked web sites:

http://pathumthani.police.go.th/ Deface
http://technology.sochoto.police.go.th/south/ Deface
http://research.police.go.th/ Deface
http://authai.ayutthaya.police.go.th – Deface
http://tccn.police.go.th/ – Database Drop
http://www.inv.p4.police.go.th -Database Drop
http://ictgeneral.police.go.th/ Database Drop
http://www.pcscenter.sb.police.go.th/ Database Drop
http://metro.police.go.th/ Databse Drop
http://www.tungsonghong.metro.police.go.th/ – Database Drop
http://khamcha-i.mukdahan.police.go.th/ Database Drop
http://thaibdc.forensic.police.go.th/ Database Drop
http://roiet.police.go.th/– File Wipe
http://chiangrai.police.go.th/ – File Wipe
http://nongkhai.police.go.th – File Wipe

Hacker Groups “Anonymous” released a video on YouTube about Koh Tao murder case. Thai Police, their scapegoats and tourist trade – Exposed by Anonymous.

Technically speaking. These Thai web sites are weak and can be easily hacked. They lack the technical expertise to secure their web sites, blame it on their education system that cares about 12 values written by Prime Minister Prayuth more than a solid education system.

Defacing a web site to send a message is not enough. Expose their corruptions! They don’t keep their corrupted transactions and documents on these government websites.

I wanted to see all these corrupted officials, Police, Army, Judges and of course Junta, Personal computers and phones hacked. Their corruptions exposed, their illegal business transactions published and their bank accounts drained.

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