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Prayuth meets fortune teller Warin Buawiratlert during his visit to Chiang Mai on Sunday
Prayuth meets fortune teller Warin Buawiratlert during his visit to Chiang Mai on Sunday

The fortune teller Warin Buawiratlert forecasted in Chiang Mai on Sunday that Prayuth will remain in power for three more years.

Oh my Buddha, are you kidding me! 3 more years with that ……..! I hope, it’s another false prediction coming from Warin Buawiratlert as always. He is full of false predictions. I will never forget his famous false Tsunami prediction in December 2010 and how it affected Thailand’s tourism deeply because they believed him.

The told story about Warin Buawiratlert 

Warin Buawiratlert was a rural teacher in government service. After leaving his teaching job, he met a hermit while travelling through the jungles in Chiang Mai’s Chiang Dao district.

The hermit told him he possessed a 3,000-year old hermit’s spirit, which gave him the powers of prediction. He then took up fortune-telling, his clients being mainly military officers.

"Himalayan holy man"
“Himalayan holy man”

By the way, the 3000 year old hermit’s spirit that possessed Warin Buawiratlert is that ancient Himalayan holy man. He has 3 fingered salute which is banned by Junta for the Thai people, not for the free spirits or ghosts!

I have no idea why Prayuth is asking for guidance and predictions from a Himalayan. Prayuth, look around you. You will see so many qualified, smart and capable Thais to lead Thailand to a brighter future. You must Quit.

The real story of Warin Buawiratlert 

Warin Buawiratlert got fed up with his low salary job as a teacher and saw that the money is in fortune telling. Good move for Warin Buawiratlert where he achieved money, power and prestige in the land of spirits and fortune telling.

Is he real or fake. I tell you what, he is 100% fake copy “Made in Thailand”. He is the fortune teller for all these Army Generals. Prayuth meets with him regularly and tells him about his plans, asking for his magical predictions and the best dates for a coup or any major events.

Magically, Warin comes out and tells the media about his astonishing predictions! What a joke! He already discussed it with Prayuth inside. Warin has all these army generals well controlled. He did the same “Mumbo Jumbo” during 2006 coup with General Sonthi Boonyaratglin and he is doing it again with Prayuth.

Warin Buawiratlert is not only playing Prayuth but he is playing with Thailand’s politics and future.

If you see it and wonder what it means!


Spirits, ghosts and fortune tellers are fact of life in Thailand. Fortune telling is a big business in Thailand. Each year, Thais spend around 2 billion baht. They are not only consulted for winning lottery numbers, but also auspicious dates on which to conduct an event, or for advice in general life and love decisions.


The Thai Spirit House can be seen in Front of every hotel, restaurant, bar, disco, at the yard of every home. Offerings include flowers, food (rice, chicken…), fresh fruits (banana…), drinks (beer, coconut juice). Beer bootle is opened. Chicken is steamed. Offerings are ready to be enjoyed by the spirits. Food is left a few hours for the spirits to enjoy it. Then it will be removed for humans to finish it!. Spirits are everywhere in Thailand, and Thai people go out of their way to keep them happy.


You will often find colorful strips of ribbons tied around large trees. It is believed that spirits reside in old trees. Offerings are placed at the foot of the tree or in lower branches, and the bright ribbons are a symbolic warning for others not to cut down the tree.

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