First Class! What!

They call themselves “First Class Clubbing” but things went downhill for 808 dance club in Pattaya, when a female customer took a photo of a Thai girl on her knees giving Oral Sex to a South Korean guy in the busy club this weekend and uploaded them to her Facebook page saying she was so disgusted of what she saw.

808-Club-Pattaya (3)
Is that what you call”First Class Clubbing”. Do you know, where I can find “Low Class Clubbing”!


808-Club-Pattaya-Candy-Shop808-Club-Pattaya (1)808-Club-Pattaya (2)

808 dance club was raided by Pattaya police next day. I am sure the “Tea Money” will go up for that club. Oh well, more money for the hard working Pattaya Police.

I am sure 808 “First Class Clubbing” will be packed with customers after 10 days (On Tuesday, the police ordered the closure of 808 “Low Class Clubbing” for 10 days), expecting to get the same “Happy Ending“. It’s all for Fun!

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