First Class! What!

They call themselves “First Class Clubbing” but things went downhill for 808 dance club in Pattaya, when a female customer took a photo of a Thai girl on her knees giving Oral Sex to a South Korean guy in the busy club this weekend and¬†uploaded them to her Facebook page saying she was so disgusted of what she saw.

808-Club-Pattaya (3)
Is that what you call”First Class Clubbing”. Do you know, where I can find “Low Class Clubbing”!


808-Club-Pattaya-Candy-Shop808-Club-Pattaya (1)808-Club-Pattaya (2)

808 dance club was raided by Pattaya police next day. I am sure the “Tea Money” will go up for that club. Oh well, more money for the hard working Pattaya Police.

I am sure 808 “First Class Clubbing” will be packed with customers after 10 days (On Tuesday, the police ordered the closure of 808 “Low¬†Class Clubbing” for 10 days), expecting to get the same “Happy Ending“. It’s all for Fun!

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