Family Business

Preecha Chan-ocha, the brother of Junta chairman and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha gave a job and army rank ” second lieutenant ” to his son, Patipat Chan-ocha, 25, saying it’s common practice in the military when people questioned him.

The lucky son, Patipat who recently graduated with a degree in mass communication with no military training will receive 15,000 baht/month for his position in the civilian affairs department of the Third Region Army (That 15,000 baht/month is nothing. It’s the corruption money and kickbacks that count in that family business)

Preecha Chan-ocha was the commander of Third Region Army, until his retirement in 2014. Preecha was handpicked by his brother Prayuth to serve in the NLC. Good monthly pay for doing nothing. It’s a family business. Your Mama’s Company! better than Mafia. 

Preecha declared that he possessed assets worth approximately 79 million baht but due to an “honest math” error in adding up his bank accounts, Preecha’s net worth was closer to 127 million baht than the 79 million baht he originally claimed. Oh well, when you mix the budget of third region army with your bank accounts, “honest math” error happens!


NLA members are required under the National Anti-Corruption Act to submit declarations of their assets and liabilities to the anti-graft body and the public. Assistant army chief Lt Gen Preecha Chan-o-cha is also NLA member. Preecha is the younger brother of Prime Minister Prayuth.


 Gen Preecha, Prayuth’s younger brother made a “Math” mistake, his worth is 127 not 79 million baht.

Preecha didn’t add up all his bank accounts. He only added two of his bank accounts – numbers 2 and 3.


Is that Thai Math, Prayuth Math or Miss Match. We still use simple math and that Sh*t doesn’t add up. Fix that mess and resubmit.


I am sure that poor guy, didn’t notice all these missing millions. 

Double Standards or No Standards – Twisted Law 


The funny thing, Yingluck Shinawatra was removed from office 2 years ago because she was accused of abusing her power. Yingluck moved the head of National Security Council “Thawil Pliensri” who was publicly critical of her government to a different post after wining the 2011 election and put in a national security head of her own choice. The Thai Court found Yingluck guilty of nepotism and ordered her to step down.

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