Extreme Science

The youngest human — and one of very few Asians — to undergo cryonic preservation.

Matheryn Naovaratpong “Einz”

  • She was an IVF baby. She began as an embryo frozen in a lab one year before her actual birth. (Her mother has a medical condition that prevented her from carrying a child; Einz was birthed by a surrogate.)


  • She was 2 years and 2 months old when doctors discovered an 11 centimeter-long tumor in the left half of her brain.


  • Over the next year, the two-year-old would receive 12 brain surgeries, 20 chemotherapy treatments, and 20 radiation therapy sessions. Einz lost 80 percent of her left brain, essentially paralyzing the right side of her body.


  • On January 8th, 2015, Matheryn was taken off life support system.


  • He parents (they hold doctorates in electronics engineering ) decided that Einz would become the youngest human — and one of very few Asians — to undergo cryonic preservation.
  • Get her brain out and freeze it, keep it for decades or generations until medicine advances to regenerate her body and bring her back to life. Amazing Science or Leap of Faith!
  • The whole operation was done by Alcor company in Arizona, USA. Her parents paid around 3 million Baht.
  • CEO of Alcor doesn’t claim to know, how to bring her back to life but we have to wait for science advances! Time Frozen for a lot of money!
  • Her parents will do the same when they die. What a Scam! Waste of money!

Too much love for the little angel. Too much pain. Too much Science. Too much money. Too much crazy!

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