English Royals vs Thai Royals.

English Royals vs Thai Royals! Who is smart enough to figure out the SLIGHT difference between the English Royals (Prince William and Kate Middleton) and the Thai Royals (Prince Vajiralongkorn and Princess Srirasmi) !

The Thailand government is a constitutional monarchy similar to that of the United Kingdom, in which a Prime Minister serves as head of a parliamentary government and a hereditary Thai king functions as head of state. This form of government has been in place in Thailand since 1932 following nearly 700 years of outright rule by various lines of Thai kings. The widely revered Thai King serves as spiritual and moral leader of the country as well as head of state, but wields no outright political authority.

The King always sits higher than everyone else. Ranks within the court are often signified by how high up one sits. The elevation is often created by layers of pillows. When the King gives a speech he does from a throne that is elevated to a point that his feet are higher than everyone else’s head. Guests at the Thai Royal Palace have traditionally been required to approach the King and Queen crawling on their hands and knees. In the old days it was a criminal act to look at the king. Visitors to the palace speak a special language and never address the King directly but rather communicate with the “coarse fine invisible dust” beneath his feet.

The Thai king is regarded by the Thai people as god-like and semi-divine. The most common expression for referring to the king in Thailand is Prachao Yu Hua—“Lord above your head.” In the old days Thais were too awed by the king to even look at him. Instead they placed pieces of cloth on the ground for him to walk on and then placed the cloth pieces on altars of their homes.

I forgot to add that Photo of “the humble” Prince William searching for his coach seat on a commercial flight with 200 passengers. Of course Prince Vajiralongkorn will never do that. But if he did, I imagine all these 200 passengers will be sitting on the floor.

Nice to be Thai Royal and thanks to the hard working Thai people’s money that goes to support the richest monarchy in the world. Self Sufficient Mumbo Jumbo.

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