Dung Coffee

Want a Cup of Coffee made of Elephant Dung ? Not for Free!

You have to pay 1500 Thai Baht= $50! 

  • Black Ivory Coffee use Arabica coffee beans consumed by 20 elephants at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Chiang Saen, northern Thailand and collected from their dung.
  • The taste of Black Ivory coffee is influenced by elephants’ digestive enzymes, which breaks down the coffee’s protein. “Protein is one of the primary factors for bitterness in coffee. Less protein results in a coffee with less bitterness.” The coffee beans are digested within 15 to 70 hours, and are present with various other ingredients in the elephants’ stomachs, which imparts specific flavors to the product.

It’s the world’s most expensive coffee, at US$1,800 per kilogram. It has limited availability, and at a few luxury hotels for $50 a cup.These-excreted-beans-will-produce-the-world's-most-expensive-coffee

  • The supply of Black Ivory coffee depends on the availability of coffee cherries, the appetite of the elephants, the number of beans destroyed through chewing of the beans and the ability of the mahouts and their wives to recover intact beans.

  • The high price of the product is largely due to the large number of coffee cherries needed to produce the finished product. 33 kilograms of raw coffee cherries results in 1 kilogram of the finished product. Most of the beans are not recoverable because they are chewed by the elephants, become fragmented, or lost if the elephant took a dung in the river. Lost Dung = Lost Coffee = Lost Money = You have to pay that extra money!

If you want a cheaper Dung Coffee, try “Kopi Luwak” Civet Coffee for $14 / Cup.

I tasted Elephant Coffee in Thailand and Civet Coffee in Bali. My sincere advice, forget about that “Shitty” Coffee and go to Starbucks for 100 Baht cup of Coffee. Wake up and “Smell” the Coffee!


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