Dummy by Dummy.


General Prayuth used a “Puppet Prince” in Thailand’s National Children’s Day. I want to report General Prayuth for article 112, or Lese Majeste is not color blind and can see only Red.


Prayuth advised Thai children to practice his 12 Values. The following are excerpts from his speech.

  • If we only learn about freedom and democracy, without learning about duty, or if we only focus on materials and technology, we will not survive.
  • Knowledge and morality will lead us to the future.
  • We have to understand what knowledge is, how we can educate ourselves, either by personal education, formal education, leisure education, or out-of-school education,” “Reading books, learning from experience, learning from facts, all these are knowledge.
  • What is morality? It is knowing what is good, and doing it. Don’t do what is bad. Always have ethics and think of other people. Be generous. As for ‘leading us to the future,’ if you are not moral people, and if you are not knowledgeable, you will be doomed. You won’t have any certain future. You may be in jail, or lose your jobs, or become addicted to drugs.

My response to a millionaire general coup leader advice about morality:

  • Go for Buddha’s core values and teachings. Reciting 12 values written by a coup leader, or singing his “Happiness” song or watching his “Thai value” movie with Hitler in it, is not the answer.
  • Education, education and education is the answer for better life and future. Look at South Korea, 1960 was the poorest country in the world. Look at it now, Education and hard work was the answer to growth and democracy.
  • Stop wasting money on Military budget for corrupted generals.
  • Stop that deep rooted corruption in every Thai corner.

  • Stop wasting money on the royal family, they have more than enough. They go on vacation for one week, they spend 300 million baht, amazing Thailand.
  • Stop wasting money on those monks who are hiding behind orange robes.


  • Monk-Suthep "The Killer Monk"
    Monk-Suthep “The Killer Monk”

    Stop wasting money on that propaganda, trying to improve your public image to fool the Thai people. Either, you have it or you don’t. I am telling you “you don’t have it and never will”.


  • Thailand has qualified, well educated, smart people whose skills and contributions are not utilized because they are not ex-generals or part of the corrupted family.  It’s time to fire and replace any incompetent leader, who has no clue on how to do his job and he is just learning on the job. Thailand deserves better than that. let’s start with you. Fire yourself, General Prime Minister Prayuth.
  • prayuth-media-members

    To the Thai controlled media. I am saddened and disappointed by how controlled and silenced, like puppets moved by a dummy. I am sure, you can do better than that. You owe the Thai people, free voice, free media coverage, free you. Look at the recent events in France. Can you stand up and say “Je suis Charlie”. Can you say ‘I’d rather die standing than live on my knees’. Can you!

  • Euro is falling, Ruble is falling, Russian economy is collapsing, Chinese economy will follow. Property market in Phuket and Pattaya will collapse soon and the Thai baht will follow soon.  Thailand needs the right group of people to move forward, I doubt your hired military personnel is the right answer.

As we started with a dummy puppet prince, moved by another dummy. Let’s end it now by the real crown prince. Prince Vajiralongkorn with his son playing games and shopping for a toy train for his new born baby prince in Munich, Germany.

Warning to all the shoppers. Have some respect. They are Thai Royals, the future king of Thailand. Go on your knees or article 112, Lese Majetse with 15 years in Thai jail. They didn’t listen to me! They are still standing!

People are always asking me. Is Munich, Germany part of Thailand because of the future king of Thailand, spends all his time there?

Because I listen to Prayuth. I try to be wise like him with a lot of knowledge, good morality and above all, never question any Thai Royals or article 112 kicks in.

I said, yes absolutely. Munich is in Thailand and the Thai Royal family has billions invested there because the German people in Munich are poor and the Thai Royals are helping them out. Good heart.

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