Thai Drug Mules

Thai Drug Mules

Drugs+Money+Greed = Thai Drug Mules = Life Wasted

kaewkanlaya-amphawan-Thai Drug MulesA 22-year-old Thai woman “Kaewkanlaya Amphawan” was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday (Jan 5, 2017) for smuggling 2.5 kg of cocaine into Cambodia, she was also fined 535,000 Baht.kaewkanlaya-amphawan-Thai Drug Muleskaewkanlaya-amphawan - Thai Drug Mules

Kaewkanlaya Amphawan was arrested on March, 2016 at Phnom Penh International Airport. The Cambodian customs got suspicions because she was Thai who traveled from Bahrain to Qatar and onward to Cambodia carrying only two plastic bags of Chocolates with no checked luggage.

Her Lawyer said: “She was an innocent victim of a setup. Her Nigerian boyfriend had organized the trip and one of his relatives packed the drugs in her bag without her knowledge.” – I personally disagree with this case, Some drug mules don’t know that they have drugs in their bags but Kaewkanlaya Amphawan knew about the drugs and the lucrative money !! kaewkanlaya-amphawan - Thai Drug Mules

Kaewkanlaya Amphawan moved from Nakhon Ratchasima in Isan, to Pattaya bar scene so she can give her family a better life. A typical Isan girl that met the wrong crowd and destroyed her life! Sad Story!kaewkanlaya-amphawan - Thai Drug Muleskaewkanlaya-amphawan - Thai Drug Muleskaewkanlaya-amphawan-Thai Drug Muleskaewkanlaya-amphawan-Thai Drug Mules

Of course her Nigerian boyfriend escaped and she was the only one busted. She will spend the rest of her life in Jail and she is only 22-year-old. What a waste of life! Nothing comes Easy!Thai Drug Mules

Thai Drug Mules

Thai women recently are being lured into marriage with African men and then being forced to work as drug mules for African gangs mainly Nigerians.

The drug gangs prey on poor women by opening bars or restaurants in provinces for the simple purpose of meeting Thai women. They quickly marry them, take them home to Africa and spoil them with the promise of a wealthy and comfortable life. The women are encouraged to return to Thailand on their own to visit family, and at the last minute are provided with extra bags to carry.

The rest is simple: if the women proceeds through customs undetected in Thailand, the men meet them to retrieve the bags; if they are caught, the women never see their husbands again.

This twist was exposed following the arrest of three Thai women who were found carrying suitcases containing cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines from West Africa into Thailand. All three women had recently married African men and claimed the men asked them to carry the drugs into the country. The women allegedly  were unaware they were even carrying drugs.

In 2009, two Thai women were arrested after they tricked many other Thai woman into acting as mules and trafficking drugs across international borders. The majority of the mules came to Bangkok from Isaan in search of better life. The information came to light as the Chinese and Indian consulates reported to the Foreign Ministry that 58 women were arrested in China the previous year and 10 in India.

In 2012, however, 109 Thai women were arrested attempting to smuggle drugs, predominantly cocaine, into Thailand, showing this new deceit is still not foolproof. The Thai women told the police that they were forced to be drug mules by their foreign husbands.

Families of mules are urging the Thai authorities to start tracking those higher up the food chain, not the deceived poor Thai drug mules.

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