Dress for Success.

Truck driver “Sorapong” was fined THB2,000 for illegally tinted windows, missing transport documents and “inappropriate attire.”

The Traffic Police said that while it may seem ridiculous, it’s the law under the 1979 Vehicle Act. Transport or service drivers must dress in the following manner:

1. Top: a collar shirt (either long or short-sleeved). Shirt must be tucked in trousers or skirt.

2. Bottom: Trousers or modest skirt

3. Footwear: Wear appropriate shoes.

  • For the driver, I hope your company pays that 2000 baht fine, not you. That’s almost 30% of your monthly salary. 
  • The “Royal” Thai police always right. All these fatal road accidents in Thailand is caused by wearing Crocs.
  • Don’t believe anyone that tells you that most of the drivers in Thailand are taking Yaba to keep them awake while driving and that’s why Thailand has Asia’s most deadly roads. 
  • “Royal” Thai police, next time check for Yaba use and abuse by the drivers to keep the roads safe, forget about that 1979 “Dress code for Success”. 

2 Replies to “Dress for Success.”

  1. You are absolutely right. I am sure, you never been in Thailand where human rights or labor rights don’t exist and where modern slavery is the norm. for example, that truck driver will be making 200 baht/day = $6. He drives 18 hours or more. He has to buy red bull, food and Yaba (Yaba is a drug to keep him awake and be able to work these long hours). He has family to feed too. Believe me, he doesn’t have enough money left to buy a decent set of cloth. I hope the company where he works, provides him with a uniform. I hope his pay check will be more and not all the money goes to the owner of the company. I hope, they have laws to limit these long driving hours to reduce the deadly accidents on the roads. You are just talking about the right way and I am just showing you the Thai way.

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