Dream Jobs

I want a job in Thailand’s government. I want a job that makes me a millionaire Billionaire from nothing. I want a job that brings me money for just being in that club of corruption.

I want a job where I can sell Thailand’s forest land and pocket the money for myself.( About 1,200 rai of land has been detached from the Sirinat National Park in Thalang district of Phuket province by corrupted officials for use by investors, sold for 40 million baht per rai or about 50 billion baht in total. The land had been detached from the national park so investors could build resorts and hotels.). Nice to make 50 billion baht with no investment, zero money.

Thailand's Police Chief, General Chakthip Chaijinda ( Net Worth = 1 Billion Baht)
Thailand’s Police Chief, General Chakthip Chaijinda ( Net Worth = 1 Billion Baht)

I want a job in Thailand’s Royal Police, where I just walk around collecting “Tea money” from every legal and illegal business. Where I arrest the drug dealers and confiscate their drugs and I resell it back on the streets. Then the police who sold you the drugs, arrest you and ask you for “Tea money” to drop the charges. Money, everywhere, left and right.

I want a job with the Royal Thai Army, where I can steal billions from the budget without any accountability. The Thai military is a source of cost overruns and corruptions. Who forgets the purchase of GT200 bomb detectors with no working mechanical parts.or the 350 million baht purchase of a leaky surveillance “Sky Dragon.” that remained in a hanger and never used. Let’s not forget building parks that cost billions and pocket most of the money, Rajabhakti Park!

Just give me any job in the government, where I can be in charge of a budget, the bigger, the better and I guarantee that I will join the elite club of Millionaires Billionaires in one year or Fire me!

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