Death Sentence For Segarra For The Killing Of David Bernat

Death Sentence For Segarra For The Killing Of David Bernat. Artur Segarra Princep, 38, was sentenced to death for the January 2016 abduction, torture, murder and dismemberment of David Bernat, parts of whom were discovered floating in various locations along the Chao Phraya River.

Artur Segarra Princep is walking with a stupid smile on his face to the court today to hear his sentence.


Burn in Hell, Scumbag! Artur Segarra Princep for that gruesome murder for a decent human being  and the pain you caused for David Bernat’s family.

Artur Segarra Princep had a handwritten Bible verse on his hand, Luke 23:34, when Jesus said on the cross “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”.

Artur-Segarra-Princep, shows a Bible verse Luke 23:34, when Jesus said on the cross “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”.

Segarra has been jailed at the Bangkok Remand Prison since February 2016 after he was arrested in Sihanoukville province, Cambodia, and extradited back to Thailand.

Segarra made large ATM cash withdrawals before fleeing across the border after gaining access to Bernat’s account, which had around 37 million baht.

The killing of David Bernat – January 2016

What is happening in our world! Torturing, dismembering a Decent Human Being for a lousy 37 million baht. David Bernat was a smart, well educated “MBA from one of the best schools in the world”, well paid on top of his field. He wasn’t in a gang or a drug dealer. He worked hard for his money and made an honest living as a Telecom Consultant. He didn’t deserve to die like that.

Artur Segarra Princep, 36, has been named as a suspect of the murder of 39-year-old David Bernat, whose remains were found floating in the river this past weekend. Artur Princep Segarra, received Bt37 million from Bernat’s account in a Singaporean bank. Segarra later withdrew the money from ATMs in different locations in Bangkok and Ayutthaya’s Wang Noi district. They are from Spain.

On Saturday Surin police questioned Pritsana Saen-ubon, 22, who was seen with Artur Segarra in Surin on Friday and claimed he had fled the country after seeing his picture on the TV news.


The suspect Artur Segarra Princep, 36, was arrested on Sunday evening at a restaurant in the Cambodian coastal town of Sihanoukville, 246 kilometres southwest of Phnom Penh, where he had checked into a guesthouse a few days earlier.


Royal Thai Police Chief Chakthip Chaijinda will fly to the border with Cambodia’s Koh Kong province this morning to arrest Segarra from the Cambodian authorities.



Thai Royal Police said they will file charges against Pridsana since she was involved in withdrawing money that belonged to Bernat.

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