Death by Islam

I am shocked and saddened by Taliban attack in Pakistan and the killing of over 130 children. No words can describe or justify killing children in a classroom for seeking education. Innocent children went to school and never came back. R.I.P. Children.

A day before was Sydney Siege and now kids in schools. Terror and death by Islam has no limits, no boundaries, no human values and touching almost every part of the world.

What a sad day for the mothers of these children. What a sad day for any decent human being.

  • 9 Taliban gunmen shot their way into the building and went from classroom to classroom, shooting at random and picking off students one by one.
  • A teacher was burned alive while her pupils were forced to watch during the massacre.
  • One suicide bomber blew himself up in a room containing 60 children and that some of the bodies that have arrived at a hospital in Peshawar have been headless.

taliban-attack1 taliban-attacktaliban-attack8

Parents Shock

“My son was in uniform in the morning. He is in a casket now.”

“My son was my dream. My dream has been killed.”

taliban-attack33 taliban-attack01taliban-attack002


taliban-attack99taliban-attack881 taliban-attack880 A mother mourns her son Mohammed Ali Khan, a student who was killed during an attack by Taliban gunmen on the Army Public School, at her house in Peshawartaliban-attack09taliban-attack77

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