Wanchai Saengkao

Corruption Kills.

Corruption kills, a cleaning guy used his connections to a relative who works for SRT to land a job cleaning trains, where he routinely got drunk and high. The guy comes to work high on Yaba (2 tablets before he started his shift and one more during his shift).

Wanchai SaengkaoHe starts drinking with 3 other employees, while he is scouting for an opportunity. That happened to be 13 years old girl. He raped before. He knows what and how to do it. He turns the light off in the car where the victim was sleeping.

He entered her sleeping cabin, knocked her unconscious and sexually assaulted her. When the victim started to regain consciousness. He sexually assaulted her again and decided to throw her body out of the window.
He said the victim was still alive when he threw her onto the rail track. He steals her iPhone and sell it in Bangkok. 

Despite having a criminal record, Wanchai Saengkao, 22, was also arrested on drug charges in Bangkok five years ago. He used his connections to a relative who works for SRT to land a job cleaning trains, where he routinely got drunk and high.

Did that relative concealed Wanchai’s criminal records, which included two drug-related prosecutions or there is no hiring process at all for anyone with connections. They just walk in and get the job.

Before murdering the 13-year-old girl on Sunday, Wanchai also confessed to having raped two female railway employees in the past, both of whom he said were too embarrassed to report the crime.

NCPO issues an order dismissing Governor of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) from office today.

Because of corruptions and connections deep roots in Thailand. A cleaning guy walking around doing whatever he likes because “none can touch him”. He has connections.

I am not going to discuss Buddhism and death penalty or Thai law for rape 5-20 years. Just send him to jail and let him get the same fate as Prasin Nunkaew, 41, who was arrested and charged with raping his 7 years old stepdaughter on 6 July at a rubber farm in Trang district.  He was transferred to Trang Remand Prison to await trial. However, this morning the prison officials discovered that Mr. Prasin had been beaten to death by fellow inmates in his holding cell.

That’s the perfect connections for someone like you “Tough Guy”. Swift Justice.

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  1. Thai Police is so corrupt. They commit crimes as they please and most of the time, they get away with it. They are worst than Mafia.
    They are so famous with “Tea Money” and believe me that Tea money can be millions, you have to have connections to work in these areas which generate these millions of Tea money (Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket).
    If you have no connections in the Thai Police, you work in the south where you deal with the extremist Muslims and for sure, there is no “Tea Money” there only killings and blood.
    Thai Police “Tea money” range From Traffic tickets to extorting money from business (mainly bars, night clubs etc…) to keep them open after hours. Of course, if you know someone who is working in the Police. You walk around in Thailand feeling that you are untouchable because you have connections.
    In Thailand, If you commit a crime or get charged without even committing a crime. They ask you for money straight up to drop the charges. They split the money with the Judge or the district attorney. Its sad when you have a corrupted Law system.
    The Poor feels powerless and the rich feels powerful.

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