Color Me! Not!

A Thai cosmetics company “Seoul Secret” has pulled a video advertising a skin whitening product after it embarrassed itself on the internet by being racist. ‘Just being white, you will win’ the porcelain-skinned actress says in the advert for Seoul Secret.

What a sad reality in Thailand. Always looked down on the darker skin people as a lower class from up north “Isan”, not like the Bangkok Elite.

If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of Beauty will be!

Sorry to all the Losers by the standards of that Thai cosmetics company “Seoul Secret”. At least be patriotic and name your company “Bangkok Secret” or “Thailand Secret”! What a “Fucked up Secret”

Loser #1: Beyonce’s Net Worth = $250 Million

Loser #2: Rihanna’s Net Worth = $120 Million

Loser #3: Jessica Alba’s Net Worth = $340 Million

Loser #4: Jennifer Lopez’s Net Worth = $300 Million

More losers…….


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