Coco…Nuts Law!

Naruebet Phetchumpol, 25, is interrogated by police on Saturday for stealing 3 coconuts for his pregnant wife

The Royal Thai Police went to Naruebet Phetchumpol’s house and arrested him for stealing 3 Coconuts for his pregnant wife. The 3 Coconuts were seized by the Thai police, Naruebet was jailed because the rich “Coco…Nuts” Owner demanded 50,000 Baht compensation.

Naruebet, earns 200 baht a day tapping latex, confessed to having stolen the fruit from a nearby orchard. He said he did it because his wife Janjira Rakkarn, who is 5 month pregnant, told him she had a craving for young coconut.
The Orchard owner Aree Wongtrakul, 67, filed a complaint with police after a closed-circuit television camera captured Naruebet stealing the fruit from one of her coconut trees on Thursday.

Mrs Aree showed up at the Thung Song police station on Saturday to identify Naruebet as the person who stole her fruit. Naruebet tried to persuade her to drop the charges and explained why he had stolen the coconuts. However, she refused to relent.

Mrs Aree said she would drop the criminal complaint only if he paid her 50,000 baht in compensation. However, Naruebet said he didn’t have any money.

What a Greedy, Selfish, Old Bitch. 50,000 Baht for a lousy 60 Baht worth of 3 Coconuts! Have some decency, rather than helping that poor family. You are crushing everyone of them. Who is going to take care of the wife and the little baby if you send that poor man to prison.

I used to have these 2 old couples get up so early in the morning, walk around and steal some lemons from my tree, I never thought about accusing them for stealing some lousy lemons. I never thought about stopping them. I let them enjoy their little daily adventure.

To the Royal Thai Police, you are Pathetic! Wasting your time and resources for 3 lousy coconuts because the rich owner has connections!

I look at that poor man, I feel sorry for him. He is no Thug. He is helpless poor man who is trying to provide for his family with whatever little he has. Don’t destroy that family for your damn Coconuts!

Change their Live and Help them! Don’t go after the poor to make 50,000 baht. Drop the damn charges or Drop dead, you selfish Bitch!

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