Cocaine! Chocolates!

drug-mule-busted-cocaine-phuketA 21-year-old Thai woman, “Oatchara Wikho” , from Prachin Buri, has been arrested at Phuket airport after security officials found 1.8 kg of cocaine hidden in two boxes of chocolates in her possession upon her arrival from Dubai. Officials estimated the drugs to be worth about 5.4 million baht. Custom officers searched her bags and discovered 100 packages of cocaine wrapped with chocolate covers.

She said someone named “Michael” paid for her ticket to Dubai and gave her 150,000 baht to take chocolates to Phuket, but denied any knowledge that she was carrying drugs.

That’s what you get on the Thai news! but the real facts are missing!

  • Was she a victim or she knew about the drugs!
  • Was it the first time to move drugs or she did it before!
  • Will her Nigerian boyfriend get arrested or the case is closed and her life is wasted for being stupid! for being used and abused by Nigerian drug dealers!
  • To the useless, incompetent Thai Police! Arrest the real criminals!
  • Another Thai justice, go after the weak, the vulnerable and case closed!

To the Thai ladies who get excited about travelling overseas and to Dubai, watch out! Drug Lords don’t get busted in airports. They use the vulnerable. Don’t carry a bag for anyone. Don’t be a drug mule. Don’t be naive. Don’t be stupid. There is no easy money. It’s your life and Life is not like a box of Chocolates!

The new trend now, these Nigerians marry Thai ladies and use them to transfer drugs without even their knowledge. Pathetic!

To the drug addicts, no worry. The Thai police seized the drugs and will be circulated back to the streets! more money for the Thai Police! 5 million baht! Job well Done!

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