Prime Minister said today: “Police working on the Erawan Shrine blast should watch the American crime series “Blue Bloods” for leads. Police investigators, especially the national police chiefs should watch this series. They will get tips, ideas and insights for their case. Though our officers may not be as capable as those in the series, we are good in our own league”. 

Oh my Buddha. What kind of Leadership, do I see! You are just making a joke out of yourself and your incompetent police, in front of the whole world to see. Maybe, you should bring “Blue Bloods” american actors to solve the crime for you.

It’s time to shut up and let the police do their work without stupid distractions. Innocent lives lost in a shrine, families destroyed and we have to wait until your corrupt police watch the American series “Blue Bloods” to learn “how to do their job, the job that they get paid well to do”.

Maybe if they have been doing their job and solving crimes rather than going after “Tea money”. They will have now, the tips, ideas and insights to solve any case.

The Terrorists are watching, learning and adjusting their tactics. Don’t give them, the chance to attack again by showing how confused and clueless your Police force is!

He is a Thai red shirt from the northeast. No, he is a Foreigner. He is Caucasian. No, he is Arab. He is by himself. No, there are two more with him. They were covering him. Couple of days later and after checking another CCTV. No, they were not with him. They acted “girlishly” when they heard the explosion and jumped to seek cover. No, they are ten at least in that network. They are not part of global terrorist groups. It’s organized crime job. The suspect lived in Thailand for at least 3 years! You don’t even know the suspect and you are asking the Interpol for help. 3 years came from where! your Fortune Teller or your Ass!

WTF! It’s a ClusterFuck!


The Two men identified on CCTV as suspects in the Bangkok bombing have handed themselves in to police, claiming they are tour guides.

The pair, in red and white T-shirts, were being questioned by police, but insist they are innocent, authorities have said. They were later released and a spokesman said the two men “definitely” are no longer suspects.

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