China Town

Prayuth and his wife just came back from China trip after signing agreements on railway cooperation and agricultural trade.

I already started seeing the Chinese spirit over Thailand.  2 announcements came yesterday.

  • No election in 2015, moved to 2016. I am sure Prayuth is enjoying every minute of it. Why, he will let it go so fast. It’s a gold mine.
  • Monitoring of Line Chat for all 30 million Thai users. Don’t complain, Line chat is banned in China.
  • Be grateful that you still have Facebook. Facebook is banned in China.
  • Chinese tourists will flood Thailand. But they don’t bring much money to the Thai economy. They come on a budget package, paid in full in China, they don’t drink and they buy noodles from 7/11 for dinner. The rich Chinese travel to Europe, Australia and USA.

Anyway, 14% of Thailand and most of the rich Thai Elite are from Chinese origin. A perfect match.

It’s China time now, They tried before with their communist power and failed. Now, their money and economic power is covering almost all Asean countries. Building ports, railways in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam to position itself as a super power. Call it Asia-Pacific dream or Silk Road Economic Belt or simply China Dream.

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