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2004 Tsunami remembered.

2004 Tsunami Remembered December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami was caused by an earthquake that is thought to have had the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. The epicenter of the 9.1 magnitude quake was located in the Indian Ocean near the west coast of Sumatra. The rupture lasted 10 sec and was more than […]

December 26, 2017

Sri Lanka in Photos

The main reason, I went to Sri Lanka was to climb the most sacred mountain in Sri Lanka. We started at night and it took us around 4 hours to reach the peak for the sunrise and the puja ceremony.  Along the way up, I saw one-legged man hopping on crutches for 5200 steps to […]

February 19, 2017

Valentine’s Day

Who is Valentine! Saint Valentine was a Roman Priest at a time when there was an emperor called Claudias who persecuted the church and he prohibited the marriage of young people. This was based on the hypothesis that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers because married soldiers might be afraid of what might happen […]

February 13, 2017

Melbourne Car Rampage

Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26, drove a stolen car along Bourke Street in Melbourne car rampage on Friday afternoon, hitting people on the packed sidewalk as they desperately ducked for cover. He had a history of drug abuse, violence and mental issues. Four people died at the scene, and 37 were rushed to hospital. At least ten of them […]

January 21, 2017

United States Of Mind

Shout out to all the women in United States of America and the World who showed the world that The Power of the People is greater than The People in Power. To the people in Thailand, it’s your time to rise up against your oppressors. Enough Injustice! How long do you have to wait! Lift your […]

January 21, 2017

Turkey Nightclub Attack

Turkey nightclub attack by Muslim extremist The suspect, identified as Abdulgadir Masharipov, an Uzbek citizen born in 1983, received help in the attack, done “in the name of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). He had been trained in Afghanistan and speaks four languages. A pistol, an air gun, ammunition, two drones and $197,000 were seized during the […]

January 1, 2017

6.2 Earthquake rocks Italy

6.2-magnitude earthquake rocks Italy, near the city of Rieti, central Italy, at around 3.30am local time. 250 confirmed dead so far. More than 1,000 people have been displaced by the quake. Buildings swayed from Rome to Venice. But large parts of Amatrice — a town of 2,700 known for supplying the chefs of popes and the recipe […]

August 23, 2016

Sultan Erdogan – Coup in Turkey

Coup in Turkey On 15 July 2016, a coup d’état was attempted in Turkey against state institutions, including, but not limited to the government and President Erdoğan. The attempt was carried out by a faction within the Turkish Armed Forces that organized themselves as the Peace at Home Council. They attempted to seize control of […]

July 15, 2016

Pray For Nice

On the evening of 14 July 2016, a 19 tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, resulting in the deaths of 86 people and injuring 434. The driver was Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Tunisian resident of France. The attack ended following an exchange of gunfire, […]

July 14, 2016

Amazing Prince Harry in Photos

Watching Prince Harry interacting with the disabled armed service personnel and veterans during the Invictus games in Orlando, Florida, left me speechless. What an Amazing Prince In+Out! Continue reading God Bless “The Prince” 

May 12, 2016

Ecuador Earthquake

A powerful, 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook Ecuador’s central coast on Saturday, killing at least 431 people. Japan was shocked yesterday and Ecuador today. The earth is sliding. Who is next?  

April 17, 2016

Japan Earthquakes

2 powerful earthquakes a day apart shook southwestern Japan, killing at least 39 people, trapping many others beneath flattened homes and sending thousands of residents to seek refuge in gymnasiums and hotel lobbies. At 1:25 a.m Saturday, 7.3 quake shook the Kumamoto region on the southwestern island of Kyushu. On Thursday night, Kyushu was hit by 6.5 quake […]

April 15, 2016

Pretty Royals. In-N-Out. East-N-West.

The pretty Royals of the west arrived in Bhutan and met the east glamorous young rulers of Bhutan, the King and Queen of the Dragon Kingdom.

April 14, 2016

The Lovely Royals – Prince Williams and Princess Kate

Prince Williams and Princess Kate began a 7 day Royal tour in India and Bhutan. What a lovely down-to-earth Royal Couple. Nice to look at, Nice to see them mingling with the poor and raising money for charity.

April 10, 2016

Pray for Pakistani Christians

At least 70 dead and 300 injured after a Taliban suicide bomber targeted Christians celebrating Easter near children’s swings, most of the victims are believed to be women and children. Everyday, Pray for this, Pray for that, because of these sick, brain washed, evildoers with their wicked Islam Ideology. Christians in Pakistan are facing persecution from the Muslims […]

March 28, 2016