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Koh Tao Murder Injustice

The Appeals Court on Wednesday announced its decision to uphold the death sentences for the two migrant workers from Myanmar who were convicted of the brutal murder of David Miller, 24, and the rape and murder of Hannah Witheridge, 23 on Koh Tao. Koh Tao Murder Injustice in full view for the world to see the […]

March 1, 2017

Poor in Thailand

The richest 1% of Thais own 58% of the nation’s wealth. Enough injustice, reduce that gap, give the poor a chance to climb that ladder. Give them hope in that shady future. Thai laws, policies and in-between are for the Elites to get richer with no regard to these crushed poor. It breaks my heart […]

January 15, 2017

Thailand Criminals

Thailand Criminals in uniform = Thai Mafia! Supaksorn “Ying” Polthaisong , 28-year-old woman (Tomboy), was abducted from her apartment on Dec. 13 in Bangkok’s Nong Khaem District. Her body was found (Jan 11, 2017) buried in cement behind a resort in Kanchanaburi province. Baan Pong Police Chief Col. Amnuay Pongsawat, 58, was upset that Supaksorn (Tomboy) […]

January 12, 2017

Corruption in Thailand

Corruption in Thailand well rooted in every fabric of Thailand’s way of life Today News:  “medical, engineering and science university students (smart students not these dumb-ass corrupt future Thai police officers) were paid between 20,000 and 30,000 baht to help 295 students cheat in the police academy entrance exams by writing down the answers in large letters and let […]

January 9, 2017

Playing Bridge in Thailand

They have the authority to arrest 32 old retired peaceful Farangs for playing bridge. No gambling for money, they are just playing for fun. But “No”, no more Fun in FunkLand. No way, It’s JunatLand. lets come up with something to arrest these 32 old Farangs, detain them till 3:00 am and fine them 5000 baht. 32×5000= […]

February 5, 2016

Hack Attack

Blink Hacker group hacked Thailand police websites, including the metropolitan police, on Monday night, with messages demanding justice. The hacked websites showed that image. The hacked web sites: Deface Deface Deface – Deface – Database Drop -Database Drop Database Drop Database Drop Databse Drop – Database Drop […]

January 5, 2016

Koh Tao murder

The Thai corrupted legal system sentenced the 2 migrant workers from Myanmar, Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Tun to death Today after being convicted of killing David Miller, 24, and the rape and murder of Hannah Witheridge, 23. The whole Thai legal system is flawed with corruptions from police to judges. No justice whatsoever. 2 more […]

December 23, 2015

Case Closed!

Somyot Poompanmoung, the Royal Thai Police chief said Luck! Modern equipment! I have to say we need some luck. If the police have good fortune, we might be able to make an arrest, but if the perpetrator has good fortune, maybe they can get away. We don’t have the modern equipment that supports the work, […]

August 24, 2015

No “Tea Money” in Isan

Bad times for Thailand’s economy. The Thai Police in Isan are in debt. The farmers are in debt and they can’t pay any “Tea money” to the Police in Isan or even pay their own debt. The farmers are loosing their land to the loan sharks. 1.6 million farmers are reported to owe almost 400 billion baht. […]

August 8, 2015

Koh Tao murder Trial

Koh Tao murder trial. Will we see Real Justice or Thai Justice!   A look back at the brutal murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller last year on Koh Tao British tourists bodies were found beaten to death, bloodied bodies found naked on Koh Tao beach, Thailand. The bodies were found at around 6.30am on Monday morning by […]

July 8, 2015

Lèse Majesté Law or Low.

Don’t we all love that Thai “Royal Revenge”. The parents of ex-Princess Srirasmi denied charges of Lese Majeste at the Crime Suppression Division headquarters in Bangkok on Feb 9. Her mother said: There’s nothing else we can lose in this life, because we have lost everything already. Don’t pile more troubles on us, please. We lived as […]

February 10, 2015

Dress for Success.

Truck driver “Sorapong” was fined THB2,000 for illegally tinted windows, missing transport documents and “inappropriate attire.” The Traffic Police said that while it may seem ridiculous, it’s the law under the 1979 Vehicle Act. Transport or service drivers must dress in the following manner: 1. Top: a collar shirt (either long or short-sleeved). Shirt must be […]

December 22, 2014

Sia O is Psycho.

Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn revenge is always brutal. He is the one who ordered the arrest of CIB chief. Police General Pongpat Chayapan who is the uncle of Princess Srirasmi. The police arrested more of Princess Srirasmi Akharaphongpreecha family. They arrested Natthapol Akharaphongpreecha, Sitthisak Akharaphongpreecha and Narong Akharaphongpreecha. Princess Srirasmi elder sister who is married to Pol. Col. Kowit, also […]

November 28, 2014

Thai Police Busted.

Here we go police exposing police. I am not siding the other side of the police who is exposing those criminals. The whole “Royal” Thai police force is corrupt and worst than Mafia. They just want to get rid of him to get his share of the corruption. After arresting The head of the Central Investigation […]

November 23, 2014

Lese Magic of Thai Police.

10 days ago, Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Pumpanmuang (the 350 million baht man). Transferred to the Royal Thai Police Operations Center, Crime Suppression Division (CSD ) commander Pol Maj-Gen Chaitat Boonkham and first subdivision superintendent Pol Col Akarawut Limratana. Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) chief Pol Lt-Gen  Pongpat Chayapan and his deputy Pol Maj-Gen  Kowit Wongrungruang […]

November 22, 2014