Bomb blasts in Pattani – Thailand

Bomb blasts in Pattani – Thailand. At least 60 people were injured when two bombs exploded at one of Thailand’s Big C shopping centers, a major grocery and retail chainĀ in Pattani. around 2:00 pm local time.

The attackers initially set off a small bomb outside the mall before triggering explosives planted in a pick-up truck at the shopping center’s entrance.Bomb Blasts in Pattani Thailand

Muslim insurgents have waged a bloody insurgency for years in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces, with Muslim majorities in the predominantly Buddhist country.

Usually, these Muslim insurgents attack Buddhists or government personnel or Muslim informants but to detonate Bombs in front of a major shopping center like Big C, where most of Pattani’s residents are Muslims and most of the shoppers come with their kids. It doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, that religion always amazes me and these extremists go to a lower level on daily basis. I can’t make sense of these senseless acts. I will not even try! They are hopeless case!

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