Blood Suckers

Its Protector is its Thief=Wolf guarding Sheep=Fox guarding Hen house.

Thailand will spend 36 Billion Baht for 3 submarines from China. Money well spent for the corrupted army generals. Make them rich and happy. Same tactics used before and they always get away with it. The Untouchables! 

  • No disputes in the west coast of the Andaman Sea. So, the submarines are for what!
  • The deepest part of the Thai Gulf is just 80 meters, which makes it impossible for the submarines to completely hide themselves from detection.
  • Thailand needs protection from who! The only Bully in that area is China and China already has Thailand under control and in check.
  • It’s all good. China is expanding its maritime fortresses and Thailand is paying for it!

  • All for China. High-speed train that will cost Thailand 328 billion baht for 867-km-long railway designed to make trade routes in the vast stretches of Asia more accessible to China and fortify the Chinese dreams for a short cut to Europe and the Middle East, alternate to the longer route through the South China Sea. Is building the Canal will be the next step! More power to the Chinese dream!

Time to fix that income gap, decent salaries for these hard-working people are past due. Let them have a piece of the pie. Let them share the wealth. They deserve a decent life.

Nice to work in the Thai government. They are all corrupt to the core. A government-run pawn shop in Khon Kaen has been accused of cheating its customers for 11 years by returning fake gold to people who had hocked the real thing. Pisamai Raksachart, a resident in tambon Nong Kor, said she had pledged a two-baht-weight gold necklace with a one-baht amulet for 39,000 baht several months ago. She recently redeemed those items from the shop, but found the necklace returned to her was fake. Only her one-baht gold amulet was genuine. Other customers also faced the same plight when redeeming their gold items. As of Thursday, the number of victims stood at 210. After the scandal erupted, the municipality suspended four staffers at the pawn shop pending an investigation. The four are manager Ammarit Saenwiset; Ms Yupin Charoenying, a ticket issuer; Viroj Kulasa, a key keeper; and Vorachak Rangpong, a guard.

Job well done, Scumbags. Stealing money from the needy!

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