Black Magic

A 65-year-old monk has been arrested in Udon Thani for allegedly stealing one corpse and the head of another for use in black magic and get the winning lottery numbers.

Monk Phra Eun Aphiyo, from Buriram, was disrobed and now behind bars along with two of his disciples after they were accused of stealing corpses.

The missing bodies came to light after their relatives visited the cemetery on April 12 to find uncovered, empty graves. They immediately notified the police.

One of the corpses belongs to Sirirat Akkharat, 26, who died while 5 months pregnant. The family was shocked to find that her head was missing from her grave.

Another corpse belongs to Noppharat Hipkaew, 32, who was shot dead and was buried at the cemetery.

The heads of a brother and sister, aged nine and eight, who drowned recently, were cut off at a cemetery in Udon Thani’s Kumphawapi district.

And who was the first to draw police suspicions? It was Phra Eun Aphiyo, whose black magic and precise lottery numbers are well-known to all.

Pressured by investigators, the monk admitted he had instructed two disciples to steal the corpses to predict lottery numbers for villagers.

Police suspect the three are also responsible for two other missing child corpses in March.

Deal with the Devil! Open your black magic ears Monk “Sick Freak” Phra Eun Aphiyo. Don’t waste your divine power on 10,000 baht Lotto tickets. I will bail you out from jail and I will buy you a new silk robe, if you give me the winning  numbers for that $30 million powerball Lotto. 

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