Big Fat Indian Weddings

Prayuth said in his weekly TV program”he heard that Thailand is a popular destination for Indian couples looking to get married. suggested that there should be chartered flights to fly Indians to receive wedding services in Thailand, which can be an important boost”.

  • I am so happy to know that Prayuth is hearing now about Thailand is a popular destination for Indians weddings which everyone already knows about that for quite some time. Prayuth, you should start using Google more, that Army life blocked you from reality.
  • Did you hear Prayuth that Indians are not allowed to get in most of the Discos, Night clubs, Agogos, especially in Pattaya. The security guard doesn’t let them in, simply because they are Indians.
  • Did you hear Prayuth that most of the bar girls in Pattaya, don’t want to sleep with the Indians so they end up picking up girls from beach road “coconut bar” in Pattaya and here we go, sexual transmitted diseases to the wife in India when the faithful husband go home, or they get beaten up by Lady boys and steal their valuables, or if they decided to take a jet ski, that jet ski scam will cost them 20,000-60,000 baht.
  • Did you hear Prayuth that most of the Indian groups that come to Thailand don’t benefit the Thai economy much. Their money stays in Indian hands. They eat in Indian restaurants only which is owned by Indian guy and their Tour company in Thailand is owned by Indian guy too, at the end the money goes back to India. They take them to body massage, sex shows, massage and they charge them a lot more so they can pay commission to the owner of the Tour company for every service provided.

Prayuth, I am sure your TAT experts advised you about the decline of  the the Russians tourists numbers, because of the impact of oil prices and the sanctions that hit the Russian economy sharply and led to the free fall of ruble.

I know that the big fat Indian wedding is 3 days event with millions spent and 100’s of guests. But Prayuth, don’t fly them in chartered flights to Thailand and then a club’s security doesn’t let them in the club because they are Indians.

My request to India is to inform all the travelling Indians.

  • Don’t walk and stare at people “it’s rude”
  • Don’t grab and squeeze women “it’s rude”
  • Don’t share one woman between 5 of you guys “it’s cheap”
  • Take a shower everyday during your vacation. “it stinks”
  • Slow down on the Indian food especially the curry and use deodorant so you don’t make the airplane stinks or the disco (if they let you in).  Bon Voyage.



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  1. Good one But last 2 points may not be true … Here people r crazy abt shower and hygiene one point is missed.. 90 % of indian movies are short in Thailand

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