Bangkok Bombing

Thailand bombing suspect, Wanna Suansan 26, has been in Turkey since July 1

Wanna Suansan , 26 year old female suspect in the Bangkok bombings has denied any involvement and is currently living in the central Turkish city of Kayseri with her husband.

She Said

  • The warrant is a mistake, Thailand has made me look like this?
  • Willing to come back to Thailand to prove my innocence. Surrender anywhere, anytime.[Wanna had asked police to send her an airplane ticket or the cash to buy one, so that she could return. She did not have the cash to buy a ticket.]
  • I have not been to that apartment for almost one year now. I rented it and then my husband’s friend stayed. I don’t know how many people stayed there.

Her family are saying “Wanna graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University’s Faculty of Political Sciences. After graduation, she worked for international trade companies until she married a Turkish man and they have a 7 month old baby. She is very prim and proper and grateful. She is a devout Muslim who prays 5 times a day”. “We want justice for our younger sister. Please don’t jump to conclusions and wait for her to return to prove her innocence,”

I have got your point, I know these devout Muslims who pray 5 times a day and then they go behead, burn, rape and commit unimaginable acts in the name of Allah. They come in different brand names under Islam Umbrella, ISIS, Al-QaedaAlShabab, Muslim Brotherhood etc… Some states sponsor them too, such as Turkey and Qatar under the illusion that “Sultan” Erdogan will create Islamic Ottoman empire again. 

I Say

You know or didn’t know! It doesn’t matter. You are simply fucked. Once, you land in Thailand. You will be in Jail for a long time, if not for the rest of your life. You don’t have money to buy a plane ticket back to Thailand. Believe me, you will have no money to fight your lost case or “cause” in Thailand justice system.

Your “good” Muslim Turkish husband tricked you and used your name to rent that apartment. Out of luck. It’s you and only you who will get a taste of Thailand justice system. Thailand will go after who they can get and crush. It’s not I am innocent. I didn’t know. I didn’t do it. You are criminal now and forever. There is no way around it.

You dug that hole, or was dug for you by association. You simply fucked. Stay where you at and pray to Allah that your “good” Muslim Turkish husband doesn’t stand up one day and say “I Divorce You” 3 times. That will be another “Out of Luck” scenario for you and back to Thailand’s jail where there is no Halal food!

My Advice

To all the Thai girls who are getting married to a good Muslim Turkish man. Watch out!

  • Don’t be another “famous” Wanna Suansan with a “Selfie” that broadcast all over the world.
  • Don’t get excited if someone gave you a couple of thousand baht to use your name and ID to open a bank account that he uses to siphon money.
  • Don’t marry someone who uses you to be a drug mule.

Some Thai girls are so naive or simply stupid. Money and greed makes them used, abused and end up in deep shit.


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