Cry Baby.

Prayuth never fails to entertain during his weekly televised speech every Friday.

Prayuth said “They like to accuse this person, that person. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You like to whine about your problems to all the foreign nations. Stop doing that, why are we letting some people air their problems to this person or that person to solve problems for us? It’s shameful.” Of course Prayuth is talking about Yingluck.

All of that because, On Monday, Assistant Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific affairs Daniel Russel, the highest-level US official to visit Thailand since the coup, didn’t meet with Prayuth but met with Yingluck Shinawatra.

The whole world knows, it was politically motivated. Go ask that Funny Guy, he will tell you “It was Junta’s Fix”



So my point is, She didn’t call Russel to meet with him. Russel asked for a meeting with Yingluck. Russel didn’t want to meet with a Junta leader called Prayuth.

The same way, Prayuth was ignored completely by Obama when they met in the Apec summit and the Asean summit in Nov, 2014. Sadly, Prayuth was placed in the back and had nothing better to do but “Pick his nose”. 


Prayuth, Prayuth, PRAYUTH. You are the one who is Whining, you are the one who is Complaining about being ignored by the civilized world. You are the one who Worries too much about America’s view of your Coup. You are the one who is acting like a “Cry Baby” seeking attention.

But you know what “Prayuth”, maybe Obama phoned Yingluck 🙂 and offered her to stay in the white house. Don’t forget Yingluck is a descendant of a former monarch of Chiang Mai through her grandmother, Princess Jantip Na Chiang Mai (Great-great-granddaughter of King Dharmalangka of Chiang Mai).

Yingluck is under intense scrutiny and attack because she is “Red” Hot. Grow up “Baby Prayuth” and stop Whining. Shame on you “Cry Baby”.

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