Baby Business. Egg Business. “Out of Business” by Junta.

Baby Business in Thailand

Companies went out of Business. Millions lost over night. People out of work. All because 0f  “Baby Gammy” story. Junta made commercial surrogacy a crime. No eggs or sperms selling. No womb-for-hire. No more Baby Selling. Thailand will not be “Womb of Asia” no more. The wealthy nations has to go somewhere else for Babies. “The Baby Factory” was shut down by Junta.

What is “Baby Gammy” story?

Australian guy 56 years old, named “David Farnell” and his Chinese born wife (internet Wife). They wanted a Baby.

They came to Thailand to get one “Cheaper”. They get Twins. After 7 month in pregnancy, medical tests shows that one baby has a down syndrome. They tell the Surrogacy agency. We don’t like. Get rid of the babies. We need refund. The poor decent Thai mother refuse to kill the babies (Against her Buddha believes, by they way I knew a Thai mother who tried so hard to kill her own babies when she was pregnant so its not about the “Buddha believe” as much as about the “personal decency and respect for human life”).

The babies are born. A healthy girl and “Baby Gammy” who has down syndrome and heart problems.

They take the girl with them to Australia and they leave “Baby Gammy” for the poor Thai mother to take care of, on her own. Now, its her problem. Because she refused abortion and did what she thought was the right thing to do. After 7 months, “Baby Gammy” story hit the internet. in 10 days, “Hope for Baby Gammy” charity reached $250,000 (8 million Thai Baht).

Bring that little girl, who went to Australia with that monster sex offender back to Thailand . To be with her twin brother. To get raised by a decent  family. Not safe for the little girl to be with a man convicted of 22 child sex offences.

The “Scum Bag”  David Farnell.

  • He was jailed and convicted of 22 child sex charges in late 1990s for sexually molesting two girls under age of 10
  • In 1998 he was charged with six counts of indecently dealing with a child under the age of 13 and was convicted and sentenced again. 
  • David and Wendy Farnell were married in 2004 in Jianjiang,They met through matchmaking agency on the internet.

 Money in “Baby Business”

Carrying babies for foreigners, mainly couples from wealthier Asian nations, quickly became a lucrative business in the farming communities. For example “Pak Ok”, a six-hour drive from Bangkok. The Baby business brought new houses, cars and wealth to the village.

People with high profiles or prized qualifications top the list of the most sought after sperm and egg donors.

Male medical students are wanted for their academic intelligence and female models for their good looks.A former Miss Thailand reportedly received Bt1 million for her eggs while medical students are paid up to Bt50,000 for their sperm.Event girls, known as “Pretties”, or models generally receive between Bt20,000 and Bt50,000, said an event girl who was an eggs donor and now works as an agent in the industry.

TV actresses received between Bt80,000 and Bt100,000 for their eggs. Surrogacy clients paid a large sum of money on top of that to the agent or surrogacy clinic.

Clients usually paid between Bt180,000 and Bt250,000 for a surrogacy involving an event girls or university student but the donor only received between Bt20,000 and Bt50,000. What a rip off !

At the same time, we hear the story of a Japanese man named “Shigeta Mitsutoki”, 24 who fathered 15 babies in Thailand. He is the eldest son of “Yasumitsu Shigeta”, 11 richest billionaire in Japan worth 2.5 billion. By the way, he will be able to fly all these babies to Japan. Is it too much money or is it just crazy.
What an Amazing Baby Factory. “Made in Thailand”. No more.!

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