yingluck-russelToday, Prayuth has instructed the army to monitor the US embassy staff if they go meet up with red shirt leaders.

All of that because, On Monday, Assistant Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific affairs Daniel Russel, the highest-level US official to visit Thailand since the coup, didn’t meet with Prayuth but met with Yingluck Shinawatra.

Russel criticized Junta by saying “Thailand is losing credibility in the eyes of its international friends and partners by not moving more quickly to end martial law, to restore civil rights and to ensure that this effort to engineer a new constitution and hold elections is not purely a top-down affair”.

Prayuth accused US for meddling in Thailand’s politics.

America has a wicked way of creating monsters, out of control with their failed foreign policies.

  • The CIA aligned itself with extremist Islam to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda was created with “Made in USA” stamp of approval with American weapons and American training. 20 years later, Al-Qaeda became Al-Qaeda.
  • US invaded Iraq, got rid of Saddam Hussein. The only man who was able to control that divided country with a fist of steel and confront Iran. The result: free ride for Iran, security vacuum, civil war and ISIS was created.
  • US provided Syrian rebels fighting to topple Assad’s regime with money, training and weapons. ISIS was created with their brutal ways, fighting with American weapons.
  • US fighting communism in Vietnam. Thailand was used as a base. Money, weapons and training were provided to the Thai army that made them more powerful than any Thai government and they used big words like “National Security” and false media propaganda to justify their massacres and coups every couple of years.

“America..no”. No more monsters creation. Stop that never ending cycle of creation and destruction.

Fix that short sighted “American Foreign Policy”. Different countries, different cultures, different policies. One size fits all, doesn’t work and never did.

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