Amazing Thailand – Short Stories

Amazing Thailand – Short Stories

Drugs in Paradise

When you are young. Thinking that you are so smart and on top of this world. Living the dream that you will be a big drug dealer and make millions, then the dream becomes a nightmare and end up in Jail for life. This is Bangkok Hilton. Life wasted. Get Smart, Stupid! This is Thailand, where the drug dealings are controlled and run by the police and the army.

Mastroianni was arrested in August 2014 in Pattaya, along with 28 year old Briton Lance Whitmore.  Mastroianni worked as a DJ at the Sapphire Agogo Club.

Both were detained for possession of ecstasy pills, with Whitmore charged with possession of 200 pills. A police search of Mastroianni’s Thai girlfriend’s apartment in Pattaya uncovered a further 61 pills.

Whitmore pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to 50 years jail. Mastroianni was sentenced to two life terms after pleading not guilty.

jake-mastroianni jake-mastroianniHe was thrown in the notorious Klong Prem prison to serve 2 life sentences. Will he survive, the brutal conditions in Bangkok Hilton!thai-prison

  • A hole in the floor of the cramped cells is for human waste.
  • Disease easily passes from one prisoner to another in the confined spaces.
  • Relationships between inmates and ‘ladyboys’ who are also incarcerated in the prison was allowed – if they informed authorities and agreed to a form of ‘marriage’.

Love you Short Time! Harold Nesland – Nong Nat

A former Thai porn star who married an American millionaire is getting divorced and will have a boob job to boost her assets for a better work prospects at the Porn business.

Nong Nat, 31, quit X-rated movies and converted to Buddhism – crediting meditation and good deeds for her landing, the rich millionaire Harold Nesland, 72, in 2012.

Nat had previously complained the couple never had sex because she worried that he will have a heart attack during sex. What! I just say, This is pure love. No sex, just kisses and hugs!

Harold Nesland - Nong NatHarold Nesland - Nong Nat

Thai Porn star ‘Nong Nat’ got married to Harold Nesland in 2012. His father created a very successful architect business and that “sexy man” is the CEO of the architect company after his father’s death 2 decads ago. Love is Blind! 40 years age difference, no big deal. Show me the Money!

Harold-Nesland-Nong-NatHarold NeslandHarold-Nesland-Nong-Nat

What a clean woman! Did she clean him up!Nong-Nat-Porn-Star

When I was young, I took care of the Buffalo. Now, a Buffalo is taking care of me.water-buffalo-thailand


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