Amazing Thai Mafia

I heard word “Mafia” so many times in Thailand. It seems every Thug is called Mafia. I always made fun of that, He is carrying a knife. That’s not Mafia. He has a gun, that’s not Mafia.

Until I started seeing the real Mafia, the Influential people, the Headman. I was amazed how powerful they are. How corrupt they are. How brutal they are. How rich they became. How they control the politicians. How they run the show.

As a matter of fact, if the politician wants to be elected. He has to go and ask for Godfather’s help and support “endorsement”. Of course, that politician, once elected. Its pay back time.

Any where in the world, if you are Mafia. No one wants to have any association with you. In Thailand, everyone wants to be around you and associated with you. It is like a stamp of power. We are the Untouchables. 

Chonburi Mafia


The one who amazed me most was Somchai Khunploem a politician and businessman. They called him “Kamnan Poh”, “Godfather of Chonburi” ,”Godfather of the East”. He dropped out of school at 4th grade. Worked as bus boy. Now, his family fortune worth 4 billion baht. Corruption, killing, intimidation, illegal land deals. No one can do business in Chonburi unless Somchai has a cut. He was convicted for premeditated murder and land corruption deal in 2004, but he barley spent time in Jail.  That’s “Thai Mafia”.

He raised his kids very well and now, they are all in influential government positions. He doesn’t need outside politician now, it’s all in the Family.

Itthiphol Kunplome is the Mayor of Pattaya. 

Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome

Wittaya Khunplome manages the Chonburi Administration Organisation and is in charge for most of Pattaya’s larger festivities. He controls an annual budget of US$5 billion.

Wittaya Khunpluem (center), president of Provincial Administrative Organization at Chonburi
Wittaya Khunpluem, president of Provincial Administrative Organization at Chonburi

Narongchai Khunploem is the Mayor of Saensuk Municipality as well as the Managing Director of the Five Leader Group and the Executive Director of Bangsaen Beach Resort, Bangsaen Beach Villas, S.S. Bangsaen Beach and The Tide Resort.

Bang Saen Mayor Narongchai Khunpluem, 38, is the son of the notorious ‘Kamnan Poh’
Bang Saen Mayor Narongchai Khunpluem, 38, is the son of the notorious ‘Kamnan Poh’

Sontaya Khunpleum was Thailand’s Minister of Culture.

I am sure their fortune will easily double in couple of years. 8 billion baht, no problem. That Mayor of Pattaya can bring that 4 billion to the family fortune by himslef “Pattaya blessings”.

Koh Tao Mafia

The sad thing in Koh Tao, where the Brits were murdered is all run by Mafia families. The police is useless, they have no power, no say. The police works as bodyguards or hitman for the Mafia. I was shocked when I heard that police chief saying “there is no Mafia in Koh Tao”. Anyone been in Koh Tao, knows the Mafia families that runs the show. They have the island divided and well controlled.

Patong Mafia


The only reason, I was writing about the Thai Mafia today, because of the news yesterday about Former Patong mayor “Big Mafia” Pian Keesin died at his home. One day before going to court with the charges of corruption, illegal land deals, Taxi Mafia, charges of extortion and criminal activities. He slipped over and died naked in the bathroom.

His business Pisona Group has holdings valued at more than a billion baht. He was always under investigation since 2002 and still he was elected as Patong mayor, many times.

Everyone anticipated all the secrets of corruption on Phuket, will be exposed if former Patong mayor Pian Keesin is ever brought to trial. But now he is dead, no trial for him. Case dropped against him. The Bigger Mafia in Patong and their secrets is safe now. 

His sons will still go for trial. The police delayed the charges against his sons for one week, after the cremation.

Pian used to say ”Who is corrupt, the person who pays the bribe or the person who takes it?”

A reporter asked him one time a simple question: ”Who is the real mafia?”. Mayor Pian responded: ”The government officers and the political people. They need their cash injections, like Vitamin C”.

Personally, I don’t believe it’s a coincident about his sudden death, one day before going to court and exposing all these corrupt officials.

Don’t get me wrong. He is a big time corrupt too, but he is not the only one. 50 million baht / month in Patong of “Tea money” goes to all these government corrupt officials. That’s a lot of Tea.. 

Did he die for real. Did he make a deal with the police and he is he hiding somewhere (another house around the corner) with a new identity. I hope they don’t go and get a Burmese man as a scapegoat for the cremation ceremony.

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  1. Not wanting to take away from your beautiful “short report”, but you forgot to mention the godfather Mr Bhumibol Adulyadej.

    Nevertheless, a great introduction into the “Real Thailand”, ruled and suppressed behind from royal curtains.

      1. Love you.
        Thailand needs more people like you.
        Well, we are two, already (who dare to speak up)!

        All for a Free Thailand!

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